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Jane was developed by The Biosemantics Group, which is funded by the Netherlands Bioinformatics Center. Jane has three basic search methods; by journal, by article, and by au-

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 Advisor ReviewsThe Charleston Advisorwww.charlestonco.com Contract Provisions and AuthenticationNone; access to this database is free. There is no authentication reAuthor’s ReferencesEigenfactor.org–Ranking and Mapping Scientific Knowledge, accessed 8/12/2011, actor.org/f&#xhttp;&#x://e;&#xigen;aq.htm .Schuemie, Martijn J, and Jan A Kors. 2008. “Jane: suggesting journals, finding experts.” Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) 24 (5) Sharon Leslie is an Assistant Professor and Public Health and Health Sciences librarian at Georgia State University. She received her MSLS from Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA. She is a member of the and it has no effect on the performance of Jane.” What if an archrival/nemesis managed to get access to this text, either in scrambled or unscrambled form? Using text from an abstract as an example, if you cut and paste it into Google, the results returned show the PubMed citation link as the first result in three out four tries.
Jane Review Scores Composite: The maximum number of stars in each category is 5.Jane pulls data only from MEDLINE. Other similar sites pull from additional sources. The site is updated with MEDLINE data only monthly.nterface/Searchability:Jane utilizes a clean, user-friendly search interface. However, if a problem or questions arises, users must contact the developers as no “Help” button exists.Pricing: NAContract Options: NA
Biosemantics Group RotterdamErasmus MC – University Medical Center RotterdamP.O. Box 1738, NL-3000 DRFax:.biosemantics.or&#xhttp;&#x://w;&#xww65;g
The Charleston Advisorwww.charlestonco.com
highlycited.com lists “the top 250 preeminent individual researchers in each of 21 subject categories in 21 broad subject categories in life sciences, medicine, physical sciences, engineering and social sciences.” Google Scholar, which is free, is being rolled out and will allow authors to manage their own citation analyses. And PubMed itself has the “related citaJane data is updated only once a month. Little information is available about the creators of the site but they are responsive to inquiries. An e-mail about the product was answered within one day. The vagueness of the information would be of concern if one were paying for this system. As it is, the content can be used as supplemental information without extreme apprehension. An “Additional Information About Jane” page gives short DDITIONALEATURESFor investigators concerned about confidentiality of their research interests, the “Scramble” button “scrambles your text so nobody else can read it.” Actually, the searches are just scrambled by putting the words in alphabetical order. The site states, “The information sent to the Jane server is not stored. It is kept in memory for as long as needed to calculate the scores and formulate the response page, and then it is discarded from memory. The server itself is protected using standard protection measures. However, we understand that there is still the possibility that someone could intercept the transmission, and of course you do not know whether you can trust us. We therefore included an option in Jane to ‘scramble’ your input (see the button below the input box). Scrambling simply entails putting all the words in alphabetical order, and this is done by your browser (i.e. no information is sent for the scrambling). We admit that putting the words in alphabetical order does not completely disguise your input, but it does make it extremely hard to read, There are other products, both fee-based and free of charge, that perform similar searches. eTBLAST &#xhttp;&#x://e;&#xtest;&#x.vbi;&#x.vt.;íu/;tbl; st3;is another similar free product which searches several additional Open Access databases including, NASA, arXiv.org, NIH’s funding database, RePORTER (Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool), and even Wikipedia. Web of Science &#xhttp;&#x://t;&#xhoms;&#xonre;&#xuter;&#xs.co;&#xm000;a fee-based site, has related records searching. ISIHighlycited “Find Articles” Search

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